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  201601 -  Who is the Current Tennessee Governor?
A) Phil Bredesen - Turn Left
B) Bill Haslam - Turn Right
  201602 -  What is the state motto?
A) Volunteer and be Free - Turn Left
B) Agriculture and Commerce - Turn Right
  201603 -  What is Tennessee's state bird?
A) Bluebird - Turn Right
B) Mocking Bird - Turn Left
  201604 -  What is the state animal?
A) Beaver - Turn Right
B) Raccoon - Turn Left
  201605 -  What is Tennessee's State Flower?
A) Tulip - Turn Left
B) Iris - Turn Right
  201606 -  What is Tennessee State Tree?
A) Redbud - Turn Left
B) Tulip Poplar - Turn Right
  201607 -  What is Tennessee's state gem?
A) Quartz - Turn Left
B) Freshwater Pearl - Turn Right
  201608 -  What is the state fish?
A) Catfish - Turn Left
B) Largemouth Bass - Turn Right
  201609 -  What is Tennessee's highest point?
A) Roan Mountain. - Turn Left
B) Clingman's Dome. - Turn Right
  201610 -  What is Tennessee's largest city?
A) Knoxville - Turn Left
B) Memphis - Turn Right
  201611 -  Which of Tennessee's two US Presidents made his home in Greene County?
A) Andrew Jackson - Turn Left
B) Andrew Johnson - Turn Right
  201612 -  Where is Tennessee's State Fair Held?
A) Knoxville - Turn Left
B) Nashville - Turn Right
  201613 -  What famous Hee-Haw performer is from Bulls Gap, Tennessee?
A) Roy Clark - Turn Right
B) Archie Campbell - Turn Left
  201614 -  What is the oldest city in Tennessee?
A) Chattanooga - Turn Right
B) Jonesborough - Turn Left
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